Plants w/ Jessica Henderson – Ep. 67

Jessica Henderson (Upright Citizen’s Brigade) came by with her green thumb to talk about something that gets her all hot and bothered: queer ladies kissing. BUT ALSO PLANTS. From sexy orchids to emo peace lilies, we talk about the importance of self care, natural healing, and queerness all in relation to the kingdom Plantae. This episode is sprouting with gayness because we spend the first half-hour talking about things like our favorite TV kisses and what punishments we’ll subject straight people to once we’ve taken over the world (any and all straight listeners will be spared!). Also, if you’re headed to Clexacon this April, be sure to stop in on Jessica’s panel about queer voices in comedy.

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Mental Illness w/ Marisol Brady – ep. 11

For many LGBTQ people, it’s easier to be out today than 20 years ago, but we still face alarming levels of suicide, mental illness, and substance abuse that often stem from systematic oppression and rampant bigotry. But it gets better, right? Comedian Marisol Brady joins us to dyke out about mental illness while Carolyn and Sarah self-diagnose themselves with ADHD. What’s it like to live with mental illness, and how do you support a partner who suffers from one? Does our society have unrealistic expectations of how we should think and feel that may lead to over diagnosis? Can you still walk around naked in your apartment if you have roommates? What is fan death? Listen to find out about all this and more!

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