Breasts, boobs, boobies, knockers, tits, titters, titties, honkers, hooters, melons, jugs, tatas – whatever you call them, we’re dyking out about them with the crazy talented and boobacious Michelle Badillo (One Day At A Time, Vida, The Bold Type). Michelle and Melody bond over the trauma and triumphs of having large breasts, while Carolyn struggles to relate to their shared nipple experiences. Whether they’re big, small, or in between, are we all doomed to feel like we can’t win with them? Or even without them? Plus, we geek out over Michelle’s amazing career that’s just getting started. And, we reflect on this Jenny Schecter of a year. You’ll also find out if your hosts survived the holidays, are how much PDA they forced on their family members. Finally, we wrap it up with the perfect chaotic question to end this chaotic year.

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