Commitment can look like so many different things. A ring, an adopted cat, a pledge of exclusivity…or maybe it’s a sign you need to run for the exit. Carolyn and guest co-host Alex Song (From our “Hats” episode) are joined by comedian Kate Sisk (UCB, Boston Comedy Festival) to talk about how to navigate commitment when it looks different for you than for the person you’re with. Sure, marriage isn’t for everyone, but how do you know when that’s someone’s firmly-held belief or just an excuse? What informs our desire and ability to commit, and are we always able to spot commitment when it’s happening? Was this episode really just Kate’s way of getting discount therapy? Listen and find out! Plus, we talk about grandmas, tattoos, Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, and Lena Waithe (though not all under the same umbrella, unfortunately). We end with a listener question about a baby-bi friend who is in a less-than-ideal relationship.

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