Okay FINE. We’ll talk about being gay aunts. If you’re realllly going to make us do it and pull out pictures of our nieces and nephews, we guess we’ll oblige. Mila Myles came by to dyke out about her experience being a gay auntie to her sister’s kids, and why somebody should maybe check her when she volunteers to bring them to New York City to look after for multiple weeks! How is being a queer presence in a child’s life different and important? How does it affect that child’s understanding of gender and sexuality? And most importantly, how can you teach them to vogue on your Instagram account??! We also talk about the whiteness of Portland, Oregon and Hulu’s Shrill, which leads us into a discussion about the gentrification of Brooklyn and how white people trigger anxiety. As always, we end with a question from a listener who shows up to DRAG Sarah! Listen, and then tag us in your #gayaunt pics!

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