For Dykes. By Dykes.

Dyking Out Susan T-Shirt

So many Susans have been asking for this tee. It’s finally out of the closet!

Susan, if you’re chilly and your sweetie isn’t around, dyke out with this crewneck!

Throw on this hoodie while streaming all the terrible lesbian movies you can stand.

Dyking Out T-shirt

Dyke Out a tad more discretely. 

Dyking out discretely, now with sleeves!

Official Dyking Out Gear with subtle size logo,

Dyking Out Tank

Dyke out with your triceps out! Perfect for throwing out the first pitch at a softball game.

If wearing this racerback, we recommend a Dyking Out tattoo on the shoulder.

Put whatever you want in it, take a sip, and POOF! You’re more gay.

Dyking Out Tapestry

Perfect for building a fortress of solitude, of a flirty fort to bring a date home to. 

Buy those peaches and save the environment by using this tote instead of plastic bags.

Take this to the coffee shop and find out if that Barista is queer once and for all!

Dyking Out Phone Case

Listen to the pod in style. Also, you never know who might see the case, listen to the pod and then realize they’re gay. Yay!

Wether you’re listening to the pod, watching a show, or getting romantic, this pillow is queerly comfortable. Also a great gift idea.

For all of us who like our gadgets gay.

Dyking Out Baby Onesie

Give your baby/nibling a gift that most others wouldn’t dare. 

Make republicans even more afraid of the gay agenda!

For your nibling or very tiny significant other.

Justice For Jenny The L Word Mug

Bring to your Generation Q watch parties to make a statement.

Wear during watch parties and start all kinds of arguments!

Shane would want you to wear this.

You Can't Scissor With Us
Tank and more

Tired: You can’t sit with us! 
Wired: You can’t scissor with us!
Bonus? You can wear it on Wednesdays!

You Can't Scissor With Us

Perfect for your laptop…

You Can't Scissor With Us

Warm up in LGBTQ style.

Unlock Exclusive Content

Access Dyking Off Topic, our bonus content created just for our Patreon supporters, including themes like: Golden Girls and Astrology.

Dyking Out Hard Enamel Pin

Become a Patron and get this pin. Then “accidentally” leave it at that cute girl’s place and have a great excuse to see her again.

Dyking Out Pride Tattoos

Show off your pride by rocking these tats wherever you please. Your neck, your back…

Dyke Out With Me T-Shirt

Pride, first dates, funerals – wear this shirt proudly wherever you go. 

Dyke Out With Me Mug

Say it without saying it. Let your co-workers know you’re gay in the most straightforward way.

Lord of the Lesbians Tank

Back in April, Samira Wiley went on Ellen and called her the “Lord of the Lesbians.” Over 4 months later, we made this shirt. 

Lord of the Lesbians - Hoodie

You’ve always wanted to cuddle up with Ellen. And now you can in a way that doesn’t end with a restraining order.