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Justice For Jenny - The L Word Mug

Order before Dec 12th.

You Can't Scissor With Us -
Tank and more

Tired: You can’t sit with us! 
Wired: You can’t scissor with us!
Bonus? You can wear it on Wednesdays!

You Can't Scissor With Us -

Perfect for your laptop…

You Can't Scissor With Us -

Warm up in LGBTQ style.

Lord of the Lesbians - Tank

Back in April, Samira Wiley went on Ellen and called her the “Lord of the Lesbians.” Over 4 months later, we made this shirt.

Lord of the Lesbians - Hoddie

You’ve always wanted to cuddle up with Ellen. And now you can in a way that doesn’t end with a restraining order.

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Dyking Out- Hard Enamel Pin

Become a Patron and get this pin. Then “accidentally” leave it at that cute girl’s place and have a great excuse to see her again.

Dyking Out - Pride Tattoos

Show off your pride by rocking these tats wherever you please. Your neck, your back…

Dyke Out With Me - T-Shirt

Pride, first dates, funerals – wear this shirt proudly wherever you go. 

Dyke Out With Me - Mug

Say it without saying it. Let your co-workers know you’re gay in the most straightforward way.