Our favorite celesbian gossip queen, Liza Dye (@BettePorterGallery) takes a break from living her best Jenny Schecter life to share her thoughts on headline-making queers. From defending Cara Delevigne’s public behavior, to calling out a that’s-so-questionable marriage, to stanning the messiest queers . And yet, we don’t get a change to dish on some of the top hot goss because we get derailed by corporate pride weirdness. But we do have time for Liza’s glowing review of Love’s A Pitch. Plus, what happens when creators call Liza out on her posts? Also, we know we tease a juicy Patreon ep, but that will come in a few weeks because we had too much fun recording and ran out of time. But if you’re hungry for more, make sure you give Liza a follow, and check out her standup at a live show in New York or L.A.!

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