Reality does not bite here at Dyking Out because we are joined by ICON Janeane Garofalo! Yes, we’re talking about Carolyn’s #3 crush, in studio to dyke out about asexuality and so much more. Janeane lets us know why she’s not watching the Oscars, tells us how the TV sausage is made, gives valuable life advice, dishes on past roles…and we are HERE FOR IT. As we get into the topic, she shares that people have always mistaken her for a Jewish lesbian, which she OF COURSE takes as a compliment. And we discuss why asexuality as an identity may be different for everyone because there are no hard an fast rules. Finally, we wrap it all up with a question from a listener who identifies as asexual but doesn’t know how to tell for sure if she’s also queer.

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1 comment on “Asexuality w/ Janeane Garofalo – Ep. 72

  1. craig graham says:

    Love Janeane, it’s what brought me here. You girls are shameless asskisers though, tone it down…really, one of you also loves Cheezits wile the other pipes in with “I’m obsessed with Cheezits!”, you just couldn’t trip over each other fast enough to get ya lips on that booty…

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