Month: December 2018

Holigays w/ Alex Berg – Ep. 64

It’s our last episode of twenty gayteen! And who better to round out the year than the person who’s finger is on the pulse of the LGBTQ+ community? Alex Berg (Buzzfeed, Sirius XM, Huffington Post) graces our studio (and looks FABULOUSin her gf’s rad Madonna sweatshirt) to dyke out about the holigays, BUT there’s so…

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Style w/ Stray – Ep. 63

We’ve talked about hair, hats and flannel at length, but this episode takes a wider look at style. And who better to dyke out with us about it than fashion blogger and influencer, Stray! We cover everything from how to dress for a first date to where to shop to how to find what style…

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Making Your Move w/ Robby Hoffman – Ep. 62

What are you even doing with you’re life if you’re not taking advantage of Uniqlo’s cashmere sale and dyking out with comedian Robby Hoffman (The Chris Gethard Show, Just For Laughs)? We invited Robby to talk about how to make a move on someone you’re interested in, a topic that several listeners have asked about. We explore…

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