Hello Dykes and Bykes! We have a PANtastic episode with the one and only Natasha Negovanlis (Carmilla, Vanlis Presents) about the myths and misconceptions surrounding Bi and Pan identities. What are they, and why are they still so prevalent? Do Bi and Pan folks feel like they have to adjust their gender and sexuality performance based on who they’re with? We ultimately resolve every single issue that Bi/Pan people face and do so in a record amount of time. We also might need to mail Natasha our Gay Champion Of The Week trophy, because her gayest thing takes the crown. But first, the review of The Word To Come you never knew you wanted. Plus, Carolyn accidentally invents a new term for her vag, and Melody rages against robocalls. Finally, we end with a questions from a listener whose roommate is making things weird.

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