Hair w/ Wazina Zondon – Ep. 37

Wazina Zondon (HBO’s The Out List, Coming Out Muslim) swings by to talk about hair, and not just the kind on your head! We’re talking face, armpits, pubes, legs, arms – all of it. Do queer women feel the same pressure as straight women to be free of body hair? Where does that pressure some…

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Sex Ed w/ Alyssa Robbins – Ep. 27

It’s our first guest who has a movie based on her life! Alyssa Robbins is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and the inspiration behind the movie Becks. We are thrilled that she joined us to talk about her side gig teaching sex education to adolescents. Listen and learn how far we’ve come from putting condoms on bananas!…

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Teachers w/ Pat Brown – Ep. 26

Fact: teachers make up 75% of the lesbian population – at least the lesbian population that Carolyn knows personally. We are thrilled to be joined by the incredible Pat Brown for this episode! She’s been on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, has been featured on AfterEllen.com, and has an amazing comedy album out now. We…

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