We did it! We had a great live recording in NYC and got to meet some of our gaymazing listeners (even the straight ones are gaymazing for being there). This episode has it all, including Sarah’s mom (okay, she’s just in the room), past guest Jess Henderson doing standup, and our special guest for the evening, Liza Treyger (The Degenerates on Netflix). We talked about everything from Carolyn’s West coast tour to Big Little Lies to Taylor Swift and more. And what’s a discussion about coming out without a few minutes of discussing The L Word? As much as we try to stay away, we can’t! Even though Liza had previously hooked up with women, it took years before she realized she actually wanted to date them, and once she did, things made so much more sense. We explored the ways in which it might be different from coming out at a younger age, and how it’s changed her perspective. We also answer a listener question who wants to know if her parents know she’s queer based on the car they want to buy her.

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One comment on “Coming Out After 30 w/ Liza Treyger – Ep. 87

  1. mhopkins says:

    Struggling to listen to this episode because I found Liza’s standup to be offensive and looked her up and she has a history of racist and offensive tweets that target several different minority groups. I loved the opening set by Jess Henderson!! What a contrast. I know you can’t monitor what your guests say but just a thought for looking into who you bring on in the future.

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