We have more women in the current congress than ever before, but they still only make up 23.7%. Political commentator and strategist Jess McIntosh (SiriusXM Progress) joins us in these extraordinary times to dyke out about the challenges women politicians face in getting elected, and why it’s important to have them in office. How did we go from such a diverse field of democratic candidates for president, including six women, to ending up with just another old white guy? (Note: We recorded the interview portion of this episode a few days before Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race.) Plus, Carolyn and Melody discuss how their lives as New York City comedians has drastically changed. Should they adapt to this new normal, or ride it out in hopes that things will go back to how they were – minus the handshakes. Finally, we end on a question from a listener who is struggling with knowing whether she is asexual or just hasn’t met the right person.

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