This episode is everything and nothing, because that’s where we always end up when discussing labels. But to us, it’s actually everything because we’re dyking out with the hilarious and entertaining Becca Blackwell (High Maintenance on HBO)! We talk about their gender and sexuality journey, as well as their relationship to labels throughout their life. What happens when we hold individual definitions for shared labels? Is it okay to disagree about what they mean? What are the spaces we create for our identities and who can occupy them? Can a trans masc person still be a dyke? (ABSOLUTELY). Plus, we talk about the thing many of you have been asking us to talk about, even though we have previously sworn off talking about it/her/spoiler-alert-it’s-Taylor-Swift. And, Melody may have finally gotten Carolyn hooked on Real Housewives drama. Finally, we end with a listener question about dealing with misogynistic gatekeepers.

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