In this new episode, we’re getting down to business. Lady on lady business. Talented Director/Writer/Producer Erica Rose (Sour Peach Films, Girl Talk) helps break down the do’s and dont’s of a lesbian love scene, as we talk about the good, the bad, and the spit. Which steamy sapphic scenes have you hitting rewind again and again? Which ones feel the least authentic? How many do you think Sarah has even seen??? We tried to cover as much ground as we could, so don’t be upset if we didn’t get to your favorite! Before we dive into our topic, there’s some podcasting foreplay with an Ellen vs. Ellen discussion, a download on Russian Doll, and a recap of the worst part of our first live show at Stonewall. Will we see you at the next one on February 25? Plus, Sarah delivers some tough love in response to this week’s listener question.

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