Praise be to the Goddess, we’ve made it to episode ONE FREAKING HUNDRED. And to celebrate, we have none other than bisexual dykon (#bivisibilityday) and comedian Margaret Cho in a discussion about Moms and SO much more. Yes, Sarah and Carolyn ended their L.A. trip by dyking out with one of the most influential comedians of our time. Before we get into the topic, we talk about gatekeepers in comedy (the usual suspects) and the past instinct of wanting to blend in to be accepted as a serious comic. Plus, we chat about her time navigating conservative populations while living in Peachtree City, Georgia. The topic of Moms seemed perfect for this episode since Margaret’s own mother makes it into so much of her comedy, Sara’s mom is our biggest fan, and Carolyn’s mom has an artful nude of Patti. We talk about Margaret’s mom’s reaction to her bisexuality, first same-sex partner, and abortions. We end by giving advice to a listener who isn’t quite sure how to come out to her father who, duh,  prefers conversations about the weather. Be sure to check out Margaret’s new podcast, The Margaret Cho!

A huge thanks to all of our listeners. We love you and are so thankful for the time you spend with us each week. We could not make it to episode 100 without you!

Dyke Out with us at The Stonewall Inn on September 30!

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