Come on babe, why don’t we dyke out about musicals with the OG book witch, Mara Wilson (Matilda, Welcome To Night Vale)! Though good queer representation is sparse in Broadway’s history, we’ve mastered the art of relating to the gentle lads who softly pine over women. Or the leading ladies with short haircuts who made us feel weird inside before we realized why. Mara shares her early memories of musical theater that led to a lifelong admiration of the art form. We also talk about crushes, past and present, including the one that so many queer women have on Mara’s former co-star. And before we get into our topic, Carolyn and Melody give a VERY detailed review of Ammonite, including key time stamps. Plus, Hotmessbian hotties, Elliot Page, a simple plea to our listeners, and more! Finally, we end with a question about a lingering ex.

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