Most teens can’t wait until they are in their twenties. Most people in their thirties are thankful their twenties are behind them, regardless of how amazing or tumultuous those years were. Lily Richards, creator and star of the web series Twenty (and 24-year-old), keeps us in-check as we talk about the many changes that happen in this pivotal decade. From starting jobs, to moving to new cities, to new relationships and more, it’s a time to figure out how to be an adult while holding onto your partying days (and liver). For some, it’s a time to settle down. For others, it’s a time to reinvent and experiment. It’s a different experience for each person, but a transformative time for everyone. We also talk about some of the differences between queer in your early 20s and your early 30s (and no, we don’t just mean getting a couple of gay marriages under your belt like Carolyn). This episode is sponsored by and

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