Political correctness can be a great thing when it comes to treating people with respect and dignity, but can it go to far? Comedy legend Judy Gold joins us to talk about how PC Culture has been weaponized against comedians and why that hurts us all. Judy unleashes her frustration about the current state of the country, and rightfully so. But more importantly, she points out the hypocrisy in the standards at which we hold comedians to, when our leaders do far worse with little to no consequences. We discuss her latest book, Yes, I Can Say That, which dives into the role of comedians as truth tellers, the history of pushing the envelope, and why people get upset when they toe or cross the line. Plus, we talk about IRL interactions with listeners, a new, hot celesbian pairing, and what Monica Lewinsky’s choice of car says about her sexuality. Finally, we end with a question from a listener who is worried about her sexual inexperience with women.

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