If monogamy isn’t for you, you never want to merge bank accounts with someone, but you’ve got a lot of love to give (and hope to receive it back), then perhaps solo polyamory is right for you! Comedian and writer Ashley Ray has been living that solo polyamory life (in a pandemic no less!) and joins us to correct common misconceptions about her love life. We talk about the funny and tragic red flags she sifts through when dating, how people react to her relationship structure, and why structure and communication are so important. Plus, she talks about her wild zodiac dating experiment which we hope gets made into a TV show. This episode just may leave you polycurious! Plus, Carolyn and Melody talk about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The DNC, The Chicks, and our polar opposite gayest things of the week! Finally, we end with a question from a listener who seems to be the victim of an emotional terrorist.

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