Dating Apps

Making Your Move w/ Robby Hoffman – Ep. 62

What are you even doing with you’re life if you’re not taking advantage of Uniqlo’s cashmere sale and dyking out with comedian Robby Hoffman (The Chris Gethard Show, Just For Laughs)? We invited Robby to talk about how to make a move on someone you’re interested in, a topic that several listeners have asked about. We explore…

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Tinder w/ Lane Moore – Ep. 60

We’re SWIPING RIGHT on this episode with the girl you wish you were best friends with in high school, the supremely talented Lane Moore (HBO’s Girls, Tinder Live, GLAAD Award recipient). Lane teases us with the queerest details of her new book How To Be Alone (out now), including her dabbling with witchcraft and crushes…

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Loneliness w/ Aimée Lutkin – Ep. 58

Feeling lonely? Let us keep you company! The one and only Aimée Lutkin (Jezebel, UCB, 2 Dates a Week) joins us to talk about dating, being single and loneliness in an episode recorded right before Halloween (Carolyn’s couples costume announcement will be old news). Fun fact: being in a romantic relationship does not shield you from…

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