Taylor Swift

Emily Dickinson w/ Madeleine Olnek – ep. 78

The queer erasure of historical figures is an ongoing problem, but some people are working to make the true stories known. Whether you’ve read her work or not, you may have heard that Emily Dickinson was a reclusive spinster who didn’t want to publish her poems while she was alive. Her letters prove otherwise, yet…

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Making Your Move w/ Robby Hoffman – Ep. 62

What are you even doing with you’re life if you’re not taking advantage of Uniqlo’s cashmere sale and dyking out with comedian Robby Hoffman (The Chris Gethard Show, Just For Laughs)? We invited Robby to talk about how to make a move on someone you’re interested in, a topic that several listeners have asked about. We explore…

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Coming Out w/ Sarah Kennedy – Ep. 2

We dyke out with stand up comedian and host of the Dwellin’ on Ellen podcast, Sarah Kennedy on the topic of coming out. We also reminisce about the gayest moments in MTV VMA history, talk about male feminists and the criticism of Joss Whedon, and share our theories on Taylor Swift’s sexuality. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,…

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