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Each week we post a new episode (with the occasional gaycation) featuring a special guest. Episodes are usually released Monday nights, except when they’re not. In those cases, we gather our coven to remedy the issue and post ASAP. Our Patreon patrons (gaytrons?) get access to our special Dyking Off Topic episodes where we let loose and go wherever the conversation takes us.

Creative Team

The minds, talents and voices behind the podcast.

Carolyn Bergier

Producer, Creative Director & Co-Host / NYC-based stand up comedian, writer, and lady enthusiast.

Sarah York

Co-Host / Slinging sketch comedy and drinks in NYC.

Ceci Bergier

Ceci Bergier

Brand Manager / Artist and designer who married her way into the podcast.


Matt Harmon

Mixer & Token Man / Sound designer, mixer, composer and one half of the band There is No Mountain.



Intern / Comedian, actor and writer from the Twin Cities. Catch her checking lesbian-related facts for Sarah and Carolyn.

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Featured Guests

Each week we invite a special guest to bring a different perspective to the podcast. One day, you’ll see Rosie O’Donnell’s face here. One day…

Dyking Out Podcast Guest
Stand-up Comedian
Dyking Out Guest Emma Willmann
Stand-up Comedian - Actor
Dyking Out Guest Pat Brown
Stand-up Comedian
Writer - Actor - Comedian​
Author - Activist