Gay Rights

Gender Identity w/ Jes Tom – Ep. 6

We welcome stand-up comedian Jes Tom and dyke out about gender identity! Do gender roles exist in queer relationships? How do people react to different identities and what privileges come with them? But first, with so much to cover in current events, we spend a little too much time dyking out about Billie Jean King and Battle of the Sexes, the super gay Emmys, and how much republicans still hate gay people. Also, Carolyn finds a way to work Whitney Houston into the conversation, again. (hint: it has to do with Bisexual Awareness Week!)

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Friendship w/ Wanjiko Eke – Ep. 5

Comedian Wanjiko Eke joins us to dyke out about friendship! Can women who love women be just friends? What’s it like to be a straight girl’s lesbian bestie? Do lesbians all fall for their straight friends? (They don’t). But before we get to our topic, we get derailed by dyking out over Edie Windsor and honorary lesbian Hillary Clinton. We also field a question from a listener about how parents can be supportive of their children if they come out on day.

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