Month: December 2019

Relationship Regrets w/ Glo Butler – Ep. 112

It’s the last episode of the year so why not look back on all of our regrets, or lack there of? Relationships can be so confusing, it’s hard to know what’s worth fighting for or when to let go. Guest co-host Lorena Russia and comedian Glo Butler join the pod to talk about the past,…

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Holiday Movies w/ Christin Baker – Ep. 111

The holidays are just around the corner, and what better to get us in the mood than the very first queer lady Christmas rom-com? Director and CEO/Founder of Tello films joins Carolyn and guest co-host Kendall Payne to dyke out about her new movie Season Of Love. We talk a lot about representation and heteronormativity…

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Commitment w/ Kate Sisk – Ep. 110

Commitment can look like so many different things. A ring, an adopted cat, a pledge of exclusivity…or maybe it’s a sign you need to run for the exit. Carolyn and guest co-host Alex Song (From our “Hats” episode) are joined by comedian Kate Sisk (UCB, Boston Comedy Festival) to talk about how to navigate commitment…

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