Month: July 2022

“Lesbian Teenage Boy Phase” w/ Eman El-Husseini – Ep. 245

If you’re comedian Eman El-Husseini’s therapist, DO NOT listen to this episode. We had so much fun catching up with Eman about all of her ‘late in life’ activities, like getting into edibles and terrible lesbian movies. Also, why do people in Buffalo allegedly hate Bon Jovi? Is it okay to compete in couples therapy?…

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“Lesbian Word Vomit” w/ Liza Dye – Ep. 244

Our favorite celesbian gossip queen, Liza Dye (@BettePorterGallery) takes a break from living her best Jenny Schecter life to share her thoughts on headline-making queers. From defending Cara Delevigne’s public behavior, to calling out a that’s-so-questionable marriage, to stanning the messiest queers . And yet, we don’t get a change to dish on some of…

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“Finances and Feelings” w/ Gaby Dunn – Ep. 243

From queer tumblr icon to diy financial guru (gay-ru?), Gaby Dunn joins us to talk about the oppressive systems working against us. Don’t worry, we make it fun! Fresh off the release of their newebook and audiobook on Scribd, Stimulus Wreck: Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis, Gaby talks about navigating our new reality and rebuilding after a…

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