Month: April 2022

“I’m Not Your Mother” w/ ContraPoints (Natalie Wynn) – Ep. 233

Are you in a parasocial relationship with this week’s guest? Or with us? You’re probably not alone! YouTuber (or video essayist, pick your poison) and ex-philosopher Natalie Wynn, known by most as ContraPoints, joins us to d*ke out about our strange digital relationships. Sometimes it’s angry people hiding behind anime avatars. Other times, it’s people…

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“Secretly Holding Hands” w/ Aby James – Ep. 232

BIG EP ALERT! We’re changing up our format to freshen up the way we d*ke out. And what better guest for this than comedian and actor Aby James (How I Met Your Father). Aby tells us about her unique relationship with her therapist, playing Tien Tran’s love interest, her old YouTube videos, and what happened…

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The Chart w/ Zara Barrie – Ep. 231

How many lines connect you to your local Shane on The Chart? Lesbian aficionada, writer, author, and performer Zara Barrie joins us to explore the tangled webs we weave in our community. Is it okay to hook up with a friend’s ex? Why do ‘charts’ feel more real in smaller cities? When queer women go…

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