Month: March 2019

New York City w/ Faiven Feshazion – Ep. 75

New York City, the place where your dykiest dreams can come true! Carolyn and Sarah are joined by performer and model Faiven Feshazion to talk all about how our 7-ish years in the big gay apple has completely transformed our lives. We talk about how it’s possible to be dating someone in the city and technically…

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Baby Gay w/ Allison Ponthier – Ep. 74

You just stepped out of the closet. NOW WHAT? Musician and model Allison Ponthier took a break from making TikToks to dyke out with us about what it’s like being a BABY GAY! Allison left her home in Texas and moved to New York City thinking she’d stay in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, but after…

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Opposites Attract w/ Amelia Bane – Ep. 73

In every functioning relationship, there’s a “logistics,” and a “pizzazz.” What the hell does that mean? Well comedian Amelia Bane came by to give us the details of this interpretation of the saying “opposites attract.” How can you tell if your opposite features complement or repel? Does the pizzazz always have to bring the pizzazz?…

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