Did you love that queer storyline in Empire Records, or were you not watching it through rainbow-colored glasses? Comedian and writer Nayomi Reghay joins us to talk about things that felt super gay in the 90s, but probably weren’t meant to. But with such limited content that was explicitly queer, we were forced to create our own narratives. It didn’t help that every teen heartthrob looked like a soft butch, or that the lead actress in a romcom always had a female friend who only cared about her. And sure, she’s not subtext, but we just had to talk about our good friend Ro, and Nayomi is the reason why Carolyn met Rosie in the first place. We also address important questions, like, “Is making banana bread gay?” Plus, Carolyn and Melody book a couple of gaycations. And finally, we answer a question from a listener who isn’t sure if they want to have kids.

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