We beg your pardon, express our deepest regrets, and hope you can forgive us for this week’s episode. Comedian and writer Tien Tran (Work In Progress) thought long an hard about it, and ultimately decided to come forward and dyke out about apologies. Apologies in general and specific ones *cough* ELLEN *cough.* Why do most apologies fall short? Do women apologize too much or are we just displaying empathy? Is there too much apologizing in same-sex relationships? Should you apologize for this shitty things you did in high school if those days are long behind you? Also, Tien shares a story about an UNFORGIVABLE thing her sister did in the past, and Melody gives Carolyn ideas on how to gay up her yogurt game. Finally, we end with a listener question about what to do with sex toys when a relationship ends. Do you forgive us?

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