Happy holiGAYS! Due to popular demand, we’re releasing our Patreon off-topic episode featuring past guest, filmmaker Erica Rose – sandwiched between new content of course. We love Erica’s opinions and takes on film, and she did not disappoint with her analysis of Happiest Season. Why did this movie stir up so many feelings and so much debate in the community? Why are the reactions so varied? Why is Harper…there? We dive deep and explore all the things it could have been, while appreciating the good things that came with it. Besides the coats and blazers. Okay…maybe just the coats and blazers. No really, some of us (Carolyn) enjoyed it more than others (Melody & Erica), and that’s OKAY. The important thing is that we’re talking about it, right? And by “it” we mean Aubrey Plaza.

PLUS, Melody talks about the Iranian holiday that gets overshadowed by Festivus. Carolyn shares the story of her NYC send-off that almost involved a crime scene. Also, #TwoDinkies. Finally, we end with an appropriate listener question given the topic for the week. Dyke those halls as safely as you can manage!

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1 comment on “Happiest Season w/ Erica Rose – Ep. 163

  1. MFF says:

    Agree with Erica — this movie should’ve come with a trigger warning.
    Im neutral. I didnt hate it. But probably bec of Aubrey Plaza. 😉

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