We’re shining a much needed spotlight on the “I” in LGBTQIA with video producer/host and intersex activist Maria Tridas! Being intersex is about as common as being a natural redhead, so why is being intersex treated as a rare anomaly instead of a naturally occurring biological variation? How has our understanding of being intersex changed over the years, and how can we be better allies? What do many intersex people not even know that they’re intersex? We cover these questions and much more. Please note: Although Maria is very comfortable discussing details about their body, not all intersex individuals feel the same. This is a very personal and individual topic. Please do not assume that intersex, NB, trans folks want to or should discuss details of their bodies.

We also talk about Melody’s trip down South to see her family, make a case for gay athletes to hook up with each other, and talk up the amazing lineup for our fundraiser to save the lesbian bars! Finally, we answer a question from a listener who is considering one night stands now that her relationship has “restructured.”

Maria’s them. piece

Emily Quinn intersex Ted Talk

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