Madras shorts, Kangol hats, ‘Menswear,’ vests, bold blazers, purposefully bad dye jobs…the spectrum of style in our community is wide and varied. So what is the lesbian aesthetic? Writer and comedian Joanna Bradley (SNL, The Break with Michelle Wolf) reflects on her own style, and that of other queer women she’s encountered over the years. Can you tell if someone is a lez just by looking at them? What’s that thing that makes you see someone and think “they’re on my team?” Are style choices just holdovers from previous decades, or are we just admiring the trends that came before us? Has our fashion always influenced the straights, or is TikTok making us mainstream? But first, Melody breaks down why Demi dodged a bullet, and Carolyn confesses her questionable lesbian fashion choice. Then again, isn’t a utilitarian fashion choice the most lesbian of all? Finally, we end with a listener question that coincidently ties nicely into our banter about Demi’s ex-fiance.


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