We’re going outside the binary this week to discuss an identity that an increasing number of folks in the LGBTQ+ community are embracing. Comedian and performance artist Gara Lonning (We’re Having Gay Sex) joins us to explain to Carolyn’s mom (sort of) what it means to be non-binary. We dyke out about common misconceptions and the intersection with trans identity. Also, how do you talk to family about it? What should you do if you accidentally misgender someone? And, why should you never ask an enby friend for a “pass?” Plus, we introduce a political conspiracy theory that is probably, totally true, and Gara reveals their true thoughts on the term “nibling.” And while we’re able to have an interesting and fun conversation about gender amongst cis and trans-identifying dykes, we expose an area with a much larger gap in common ground: Gen-Z vs Millennial celebrity cultural references. Finally, we end on a listener question about how to handle homophobic comments in the workplace.

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