Trying to bounce back from a broken heart can be fun, messy, and everything in between. Alyse Alyse Vellturo, who makes music under the name pronoun, joined us to dyke out about the different ways we try to get over one person by getting under another. Or how sometimes, you don’t need a person at all. We talk about what constitutes a rebound, how to communicate expectations, and when does a rebound stop being a rebound? Also, Sarah gives a very detailed example of a rebound gone bad in a series of hard-to-defend moves on her part. It’s a cautionary tale for our listeners. Before we get to the topic, Carolyn rants about how nobody under 30 seems to care about Madonna, and the dykes discuss how their pride week is going. Be sure to listen to pronoun’s album “i’ll show you stronger” and see when you can catch her on tour opening for Taking Back Sunday.

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