Allies w/ Elsa Waithe – Ep. 10

After a weeklong hiatus filled with lobster and crying, we’re back to tell you we don’t need allies, at least not as they are currently defined. Comedian and rad activist (ractivist?) Elsa Waithe (This American Life) dykes out with hosts Carolyn Bergier and Sarah York about the ins and outs of being an real ally. Does calling yourself an ally make you one? What should allies be willing to sacrifice? How can you take take part in everyday activism? Also, Elsa fills us in on how two combine activism with picking up chicks. Tune in now!

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Religion w/ Eman El Husseini

Comedians Carolyn Bergier and Sarah York pray that you tune into our latest episode on Religion where the supremely funny and talented Eman El Husseini (Just For Laughs, Boston Comedy Festival) stops by to explain why she sometimes calls her parents ISIS. How has being queer changed our faith and relationship with religion? Can you be super gay and super religious? Are we all going to hell? Why is being a lesbian like eating tomatoes? We have faith that you’ll tune in to find out.

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Marriage w/ Jess Salomon – Ep. 8

Ever want to dyke out with someone for all of eternity? It’s not for everyone, but there are still a lot of people in the LGBTQ community who want to enter the traditional institution of marriage. Comedian Jess Salomon joins twice-married-Carolyn and will-marry-for-the-registry-Sarah to talk about same-sex marriage! Why do it? What’s the best thing about being married? We also discuss the fight for marriage equality in Australia (and how we think their political system works), super-predator Harvey Weinstein, and the pro-death culture of the United States.

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Breakups w/ Ashley Gavin – Ep. 7

You are in for a treat this week as actor and standup Ashley Gavin (Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV, FOX’s Laughs, SeeSo, SiriusXM Comedy Central Radio) dykes out with us about breakups! Should you try to be friends with your ex, skip a generation of exes, or cut them out like a cancerous tumor? Does the ‘winner’ or ‘loser’ get the stuff? How do you handle joint custody of pets? Could lesbianism saved Lindsay Lohan? We tackle all of this and more, as Carolyn questions her place in the studio with two alpha lesbians. Catch Carolyn and Sarah live at The Box Show’s season premiere at Littlefield in Brooklyn on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

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Gender Identity w/ Jes Tom – Ep. 6

We welcome stand-up comedian Jes Tom and dyke out about gender identity! Do gender roles exist in queer relationships? How do people react to different identities and what privileges come with them? But first, with so much to cover in current events, we spend a little too much time dyking out about Billie Jean King and Battle of the Sexes, the super gay Emmys, and how much republicans still hate gay people. Also, Carolyn finds a way to work Whitney Houston into the conversation, again. (hint: it has to do with Bisexual Awareness Week!)

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Friendship w/ Wanjiko Eke – Ep. 5

Comedian Wanjiko Eke joins us to dyke out about friendship! Can women who love women be just friends? What’s it like to be a straight girl’s lesbian bestie? Do lesbians all fall for their straight friends? (They don’t). But before we get to our topic, we get derailed by dyking out over Edie Windsor and honorary lesbian Hillary Clinton. We also field a question from a listener about how parents can be supportive of their children if they come out on day.

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Dealing with Straight Men w/ Sydnee Washington – Ep. 4

We are joined by comedian Sydnee Washington to dyke out about the burden of the uninvited straight men in our lives. We also talk about Jay-Z’s mom, lesbians with roosters, and the new season of American Horror Story.

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Polyamory w/ comedian Chewy May – Ep. 3

Stand up comedian Chewy May joins us to talk about her experiences with polyamory, and we debate whether or not Carolyn is cool enough to be in an open relationship (spoiler: she’s not). We also discuss gay rights in Louisiana, the female Lord of the Flies reboot, and what straight women are doing to their eyebrows.

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FAQ about Lesbians – Ep. 1

Introducing the first episode of the Dyking Out podcast hosted by lesbian comedians Carolyn Bergier and Sarah York! In this first episode, we answer some frequently asked questions about lesbians and the LGBTQ world so that we’re all on the same page in future episodes. Usually we would dyke out with a special guest, but because this is our first episode, we thought we should set the record (not) straight on some important questions submitted by past acquaintances, future listeners, pop superstars, and sentient objects. So please, dyke out with us, won’t you?

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