Chicago comedian Jake Noll came by to dyke out about their recent top operation, giving us all the nipple-hardening details (actually, no nipples required!). We talk about what made them want to get it in the first place, the procedure itself, and financial challenges. We also talk about how different their life is now, and how others reacted to it (even though it’s none of their business).

This was our first time recording in 20 days, so before we talk about tops, we start at the bottom by chewing out the women who defend terrible men in comedy. Carolyn also issues a couple of important corrections and updates from previous episodes, and we answer a very tricky listener question about being in a relationship with opposing political beliefs. We had such a great time with Jake. Be sure to check out their series, Just Call Me Ripley.

(Note: Since recording the episode, Jake has changed their name, which is why you’ll hear a different name used on the audio.)

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