Big episode alert. Comedian Jeena Bloom (Shweet! The Ladies Guide to Bro Culture podcast) joins us to dyke out about her experiences as a transgender woman and how she navigates relationships with cis partners, friends, family and co-workers. Plus, Melody Kamali, of Masturbation episode fame, fills in as guest co-host this week. We also talk about our pilgrimage to New Jersey to hear Robyn Crawford speak about her new memoir detailing her relationship with Whitney Houston. And…well…it’s not what we expected. And as always, we end with a question from a listener who made non-refundable vacation plans with someone they’re no longer dating. We’re sending out a big virtual hug to all of our Susans this week. Once you listen to the episode, you’ll understand why.

-Dyke Out with us at Stonewall for the last time in 2019 on November 25.

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