We tried to hold out as long as we could, but alas, it’s time to talk about the show that – love it or hate it – revolutionized the way the LGBTQ women were portrayed on TV. Comedian and filmmaker Gwynna Forgham-Thrift (UCB Maude Night) recently rewatched the entire series and could not wait to dyke out with us about it. How does the show hold up? What did it mean to us? How realistic was it? Where did they go wrong? Which sex scenes made us feel uncomfortable to watch with our moms in the room? What are our hopes for the reboot? If you haven’t seen the show, take a listen anyway as we tackle topics still relevant to all things LGBTQ like consent, transphopia, biphobia, butchphobia…so many phobias! And if you have seen the show, this episode is your chance to relive some of the highlights without having to listen to that damn theme song.

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