Sex With Dudes w/ Vivianne A. Njoku – Ep. 38

Queer multimedia artist, activist and educator, Vivianne A. Njoku, joins us for one of the funnest episodes to date! Don’t be fooled by the topic (but do have your vomit bags ready if even the mere mention of dick activates your gag reflex), because we are dyking out hard on this one. We talk about everything from Mellisa Etheridge’s weed farm to the aging royal family, to a maybe murderous grandmother. Then, we guess why queer women who mostly date women resort to sleeping with men, and discuss the perils involved. What kind of men are queer women attracted to? Are their guidelines to sexual fluidity? If you could have virtual reality sex with a man, would you? ARE WE LIVING IN A SIMULATION?! Seriously though, this episode is wild and fun and one of our favorites for sure. We hope you enjoy it!

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Performative Masculinity w/ Lorena Russi – Ep. 20

Former pro soccer player, would-be Bobby Fischer and current hilarious comedian Lorena Russi (Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Spotify) joins us to talk about taxes, Lena Waithe, nazi haircuts and finally, our topic for this week! We attempt to tackle the messy and smelly world of performative masculinity while questioning how much of what we do is putting on an act or an imitation versus being true to who we are. We also struggle to answer the question of why so many lesbians aspire to look like teenage boys. Lastly, we’d like to apologize to Jennifer Aniston in advance for this episode and hope she doesn’t take anything we said personally.

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