Weed w/ John-Allison “A.W.” Weiss – Ep. 103

We had a chill time this week with singer-songwriter John-Allison Weiss (who performs as A.W.) talking about a popular herb that we obtained legally and are old enough to smoke/ingest. Eventually the topic kicks in, but we take our time getting there to catch up on Ellen and Madonna. We also shout out a past…

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Comics w/ Vita Ayala – Ep. 42, Part 1

Holy podcast batman! Comic book writer Vita Ayala joins us for our first two part episode where we dyke out about – you guessed it – comics! Vita has written for DC comics, Black Mask Studios, Vault Comics, and Valiant Comics, and you should check out their most recent series, The Wilds. We cover so much…

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Gaysians w/ Diane Chen – Ep. 41

Actor, Director, Performer, and notable Gaysian Diane Chen dykes out with us about…well…Gaysians! After hearing Diane speak on several panels at Clexacon, we knew she’d be a gaymazing guest, and she delivered! We managed to talk for almost 75 minutes without a single mention of Hayley Kiyoko or Awkwafina, so before firing off your hate…

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