U-Hauling w/ Sophie Santos – Ep. 49

Comedian, writer, and actress Sophie Santos (UCB, The Lesbian Agenda, Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical) joins us to talk about the answer to the classic setup, “What does a lesbian bring to a second date?” Hint: It’s not a dental dam.  We dissect the urge to merge and whether or not we’re really that much quicker to sign a lease with our ladies than hetero couples. We also talk about what kind of girlfriend with think Cara Delevingne is, what Pink’s life could have been had her career not taken off, and whether or not it’s weird that Carolyn would totally get with Madonna (in theory) no matter how insufferable she is. You’ll have to listen to the whole episode to find out whether or not we all move in together by the end (or whether or not we figure out the VMAs). Oh, and this episode is definitely NOT sponsored by Norwegian or Spirit airlines.

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Dating Straight Women w/ J. Fox-Jones – Ep. 25

Comedian and dater of straight women, J. Fox-Jones joins us this week to tell us why some lesbians end up with women who used to exclusively date men. Do lesbians seek out straight women as a challenge, or are these ladies hunting us down while we’re just minding our own business? If you date a straight woman, does that mean you have to *GULP* watch The Bachelor????!!! Does she assume you’ll handle things like installing shelves and killing bugs? We also give tips on how to watch Black Panther with a queer eye, and Sarah comes up with a radical alternative to watching movies…that just happens to sound a lot like TV.

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