Tinder w/ Lane Moore – Ep. 60

We’re SWIPING RIGHT on this episode with the girl you wish you were best friends with in high school, the supremely talented Lane Moore (HBO’s Girls, Tinder Live, GLAAD Award recipient). Lane teases us with the queerest details of her new book How To Be Alone (out now), including her dabbling with witchcraft and crushes…

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The Apocalypse w/ Lois Thompson – Ep. 59

The lovely and funny Lois Thompson joins us to dyke out about all things apocalypse. No, not the latest season of American Horror Story, rather the impending doom that feels like it’s just around the corner. But then again, hasn’t every generation felt that way? Well whether it’s coming next year or next millennia, Lois…

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Pets w/ Becky Chicoine – Ep. 24

Comedian Becky Chicoine (Comedy Central Comics to Watch, UCB) stops by the Dyking Out studio to talk about pets! Why do we get them? What happens to them when we’re going through a break-up? What makes a good pet name? Plus, learn what kind of gay lady you are based on your choice of pet…

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