The Apocalypse w/ Lois Thompson – Ep. 59

The lovely and funny Lois Thompson joins us to dyke out about all things apocalypse. No, not the latest season of American Horror Story, rather the impending doom that feels like it’s just around the corner. But then again, hasn’t every generation felt that way? Well whether it’s coming next year or next millennia, Lois is PREPARED. We question whether or not it’s even worth trying to survive the end of the world, though maybe this is a chance for the lesbians to rise up. (We should probably rise up, apocalypse or not.) Lois also brought along her “go bag” for when shit gets real and showed us what’s inside. And after learning about helpful preparation tips, Carolyn makes Sarah and Lois play an apocalyptic game of hypotheticals called “What’s in the boooooox?” We’re pretty sure we scarred Karina with this episode. We close it out with a listener question about sexy time disparities in open relationships. Don’t wait until the end of times, listen now!

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Lesbians on the Internet w/ Claudia Cogan – Ep. 15

Comedian Claudia Cogan (Last Comic Standing semi-finalist) joins us to reflect on how the internet has affected the lives of lesbians – real lesbians. Not the ones on porn sites (though there’s a little mention of that). From AOL chat rooms to OurChart, the internet has allowed us to connect with other dykes (and maybe men pretending to be dykes) around the world, allowing us to explore our sexuality and develop a more rounded view of what it means to be a gay woman. But before we get to that, we also discuss the lesbian Starbucks cup controversy and why women are getting kicked off of Facebook for expressing their thoughts on men. And of course, we #namenames.

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