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Ex-Husbands w/ Tessa Skara – Ep. 95

¡Ay, caramba! Comedian and rock goddess Tessa Skara (High Maintenance) came to dyke out with us about ex-husbands, though admittedly, she has more to say on the topic than we do. Tessa tells us how TV sitcoms shaped her idea of what a husband was supposed to be, and how her queer identity affected the relationship. Her journey to becoming a fabulous NYC divorcée is heartfelt, fascinating, funny, and probably relatable for many of our listeners. We also talk about Broadway’s The Prom, our own proms, holding in emotions, and the toxic manifestations repressed homosexuality. Plus, we share our theories and gripes on the now infamous “Work Wife” piece from The New York Times. And as always, we end with a listener question about the acceptance of being aroflux in the LGBTQ community. Thank goodness for Google.

Dyke Out with us at The Stonewall Inn on August 26

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Gay Conversion Therapy w/ Garrard Conley – Ep. 53

Garrard Conley, author of Boy Erased and activist, joined us to talk about his experience with gay conversion therapy and what it’s like to have a painful part of his past turned into a feature film. We had SO MUCH to talk about, starting with our collective rage about the Kavanaugh hearings and the high standards we (society) measure victims/survivors against. After twenty minutes of therapeutically channeling our rage, we move onto a just-as-heavy topic: Gay Conversion Therapy! First, we talk about some of the differences between the upcoming motion picture and his memoir. Then, we dive into casting, from his parents getting played by academy award-winning Aussies, to the challenges of casting LGBTQ roles. From there, we go into the dangers of conversion therapy and what battles still need to be fought, as well as where  progress is being made…and so much more. Despite the dark topic, we managed to have SO MUCH fun on this episode (because we might all be dead inside)! Probably too much fun because we had to edit out at least 15 minutes where we took things a little too far. We end it with a question from a Canadian listener who is fresh out of the closet. Buy and read Boy Erased, and then see it in theaters. Or the other way around, whichever. #RepresentationMatters #TellQueerStories

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