Brazil w/ Gabriella França – Ep. 61

Get your passport ready because this episode will make you want to follow Sarah York to Brazil for Carnival! We have our first international guest on the pod, the lovely Gabriela França! She’s well-known in the Sao Paulo lesbian community for throwing the coolest queer-lady parties, having a bad ass lesbian clothing line, and being the proud owner of three cats. How are lesbians in Brazil different than in other parts of the world? What challenges does the community there face currently, and in the future given the election of their new yeasty foreskin of a President? (Brazil, I’m devastated.) Most importantly, do Brazilian lesbians wear flannel? Take a listen to find out. We also answer a listener question about ex-etiquette, AND we share some exciting news for our New York listeners! Come to Brazil!

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Pets w/ Becky Chicoine – Ep. 24

Comedian Becky Chicoine (Comedy Central Comics to Watch, UCB) stops by the Dyking Out studio to talk about pets! Why do we get them? What happens to them when we’re going through a break-up? What makes a good pet name? Plus, learn what kind of gay lady you are based on your choice of pet as we play the game, What The Pet?!

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