Matchmaking w/ Kara Laricks – Ep. 55

Fashion designer turned reality-TV-winner turned matchmaker Kara Laricks joins us to dyke out about matchmaking! We live in a world of swipes and DMs, but does that have to be the only way to date? Kara tells us all about how she sets up “foxy singles” with her LGBTQ clients, and what it means to be a matchmaker specifically for that community. We hear all about the do’s and don’ts of first dates (hint: stop talking about your ex so much!), as well as why you shouldn’t lose hope when a date doesn’t work out. Plus, Carolyn discovers her wife’s secret super power and apologizes for assuming Awkwafina is a gaysian! We end with a listener question about how to talk about your ex that you dated pre-transition.

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Sex w/ Emma Willmann – Ep. 29

She plays the new girlfriend of the non-crazy ex-girlfriend on the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, comedian Emma Willmann (Late Show, Sirius XM, NPR, HBO’s Crashing) drops by the Dyking Out studios to talk about sex…and comedy, and dating, and exes, and podcasts…but also sex. How do you figure out sexual boundaries? What role do toys play? What’s the right way to bring up STDs? Lesbian bed death? WHO’S THE MAN??? (SPOILER: It’s always Emma). Take a listen to this wild ride of an episode, and find out why Emma is a force on the comedy scene. Also…

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