Pansexual is no longer just the term once used to describe It’s actually a sexual identity that an increasing number of people in the LGBTQ community identify with despite its anemic representation in mainstream media and pop culture. We’ve talked about it before, but wanted to invite quintuple threat Mindy Raf (TNT, VH1, MTV’s Girl Code) to dyke out about her pansexuality in more detail. We also revisit the topic of polyamory and do it much more justice than the first time around (sorry polys!). We hope you enjoy the discussion, and if not, then you can walk right out the fe-door-a (or just email us and tell us why). Plus, one of our hosts makes an exciting announcement that only her and her mom will probably care about! Tune in!

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2 comments on “Pansexuality w/ Mindy Raf – Ep. 30

  1. Mandy says:

    So funny! Loved Sara’s rant about Carrie Berg being so large and in charge and taking Caroline’s sandwich. LMAO! Love the podcast. It cuts the monotony at work when things are slow.

    1. dykingout says:

      Thanks so much for listening! Every week Sarah makes a new declarative statement about what Carrie does and does not do now.

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